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Welcome to
The Grace Space!

Where Hearts Gather, Stories Unfold and Grace Abounds

Welcome to THE GRACE SPACE - a special place where I share what's in my heart. It's like a cozy spot where old and new friends can come together. Even if we haven't met yet, we can still join this journey, pray together, and enjoy the good things God has planned for us.

In this blog, I talk about my feelings and the things that make me happy or challenge me. And  I want you to be part of it, too! Whether we've known each other for a while, you can share your stories and dreams here. We ARE like a team, supporting each other through thick and thin, celebrating the good times and asking for help when things get tough.


Of course….we will talk about Jesus.  And decor.  And kids.  And community.  ALL the things.  We can laugh together, cry together, and pray together.  I will take you along on a journey through my “Village” and together we will be friends.  Good friends.  You may hear stories of my big crazy family, how much I adore my David, what I am learning in the “small biz” world, how to shop your OWN house, or to store your seasonal decor.  You will get to live in my head with me….and oftentimes, that is all over the place.  So GRACE.  Grace is my word.  My love.  My testimony.  My life. 

A “life” full of ups and downs, like a big woven blanket made by something even bigger than us. We'll explore these ups and downs together, looking for the good things that connect all of us. I hope you join me on this exciting journey of the heart and spirit. We'll discover amazing things that God has given us. Our words will be like songs of thanks, our stories will show our faith, and being together will remind us that we're always here for one another. After all, “We are all just walking each other HOME!”  Welcome to this special place - where we can all share love and light, learn new things and experience GRACE.



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