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The Story of Us: Pretties & Grace

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Welcome to Pretties & GRACE, y’all!

I’ve pondered for weeks of what to say to welcome you all to my little….read: BIGGER THAN BIG dream.

As you can see from the pretty pictures here and on the socials. From the words written there and unwritten in my heart….Pretties & Grace is truly a labor of love. What started as a little way to get rid of a few decor items after downsizing to a smaller home… my little decor account on Instagram (@lifeoncloverhilllane)…to a little 6X10 booth in the very back of a local vintage market….Pretties & Grace was born.

We quickly grew with wonderful customers, who are now precious friends to a space of over 1600 square feet over the first year. Fast forward to November of 2021. The 18th to be exact. We opened our first store front. We kicked it off circled in prayer, with my family and close friends. And then opened the doors to many waiting the cold to come in. I will never…ever…EVER forget that day. Those who came in love and support and to shop our little store.

As we take our little dream to the interwebs….I hope you will join us.

Not only to shop.

But our ministry.

Of sharing His love and goodness.

How did we choose our name, many ask??

First, the “Pretties…”-

My momma used to call “non-necessary” items – PRETTIES. I remember her vividly, “I brought you some little ‘pretties’ today!” or “I picked you up a “Happy”! Even when she asked us to dust as a part of our chores, she would say…”Don’t forget to dust around my pretties!” So anytime I buy something for myself or others….to “pretty up” a space or as a gift to make them smile… I call them “Pretties.” The mere word makes me think of my mother. Who was as crafty as they come and always the number one fan of all my dreams. I know she is looking down on Pretties & Grace…with her sweet smile and pride in

her heart.

Grace is a subject that mean different things to different people. What does the Bible actually say about grace? It is mentioned more than 150 times in the Bible - beginning in Genesis where Noah found grace in the eyes of God, all the way through to the last verse in the Bible.

By understanding fully what the Bible teaches about grace, you will come to see God as our wonderful Creator and Father who is giving us His generous goodness and favor freely. In return He desires a close relationship with Him as we would desire of our children to whom we give good gifts. We are saved by grace, and not from anything we could possibly do. God's goodness leads us to repentance and a changed and improved life. 

Grace is universally needed by everyone - from the prodigal son to the well-adjusted righteous person who still falls short and can only look to God's grace for salvation. Nothing of ourselves can save us. 

I will likely share bits and pieces of my “Grace” story as we go along.

From a broken road, sprinkled with divorce, cancer, finding love again, enjoying this dream with my best friend, soul- and help-mate, David and our blended family of 6 (which has quickly grown to 11!)

Because you see? I am just an ordinary sinner, saved by His extraordinary Grace.



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