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"Mr. Pretties" Turned His Head

Hi friends!

Well, after much prayer, anticipation, planning, working with a developer, learning our E-Commerce platforms, trials and errors….and errors….and errors….:) We are LIVE!

We are having so much fun having Pretties & Grace online! So many have followed our journey, were patient with us when we DID NOT ship….and then were patient with us and worked with us via messages and phone calls….as we BEGAN to ship…..and now we are “up there with the big girls!!”

Never in a million years did I think just a short year ago, that we would have such a wonderful little “brick & mortar” shop, a full blown staff of EIGHT amazing people working for David & I, and our website….all built on a dream and our hands. We have created something that we all love so much.

I have friends ask. Strangers message us for advice. Customers inquire. My family who worries. All have the same question, “ HOW do you do it all?” “When do y’all REST?” blah blah blah….

I have only one answer. A smile. And I point to my sweet David. HE is the answer. HE is how I do it all. How our dream has grown into our reality in a few short months. Girls, get you a man like David. Who supports your dreams. And MAKES THEM HAPPEN!

I mean, really guys. WHO starts a “fluff” business in the middle of a national pandemic?

We do. WE. Our little team.

And I have loved every single moment.

A year ago. We sat in my living room, processing the boxes that came in each day to my house. We hand wrote each price tag. And we loaded in our cars to take by our booth each day, AFTER OUR DAY JOBS. It was never work to me.

We prayed.

God was our “front and rear guard.” He carried us every step of the way.

We took the leap and here we are.

We are not the biggest and the best in town.

We are not the cheapest. Nor are we the most expensive.

But I promise….we are different.

You can tell….just by spending a few moments with us…here online….or in the store….WE. ARE. BELIEVERS. We are more than a little gift shop. We are a ministry.

I hope you will continue to hang out with us.

To share your love for the Lord. To allow us to help you display it in your home décor. In your gift-giving.

Our desire is to create a space where everyone feels welcome.


We would jump at the opportunity to do it all again.

I think David would, too. He is lovingly called, “Mr. Pretties.” He grins every time he hears it. There is rarely a time you won’t find him here beside me.

Last month….he gave me the best gift. Not diamonds. Or a purse. Or a car. Or even a date night. HE GAVE ME A WAREHOUSE! 😊

So get ready guys.

The Holidays will be epic. We are going to have the prettiest things ever. 😊

Until then.

Give us feedback.

You have shopped. We have shipped. And if you have an “abandoned cart”….tell us why. We want to know!

USE THE "CONTACT US" form! For your concerns. Your Prayer Requests. Your Praises.

We so want to connect with you. We want to know how we are doing!

And one final thing!

If you made it to the end of my “Ramblings” today. You get a code for FREE SHIPPING on all orders now until Friday 6/24/2022! Shhhhhhh! Don’t Tell David! Just use the code MRPRETTIESturnedhishead at checkout!

Better hurry y’all! Code expires Friday night at Midnight!

Now Go!

Blessings and love!



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